By Rational Dress Society, June 30, 2016

“Interview with The Rational Dress Society,” by Dan Bustillo

JUMPSUIT Interviewed at, 6.30.2016. Read the full article here:

DB: Can you talk about how the project then functions within a Utopian model? I am specifically interested in the kill switch you have built into it, which is when you can finally afford your ad for American Vogue. This adheres to a convention of Utopia, which is that it cannot be realized, because it is primarily discursive and must thus engage first and foremost the political imaginary before even being solidified into something that will then in turn be countered, etc.

AGL: You can also say the opposite, which is that by the time we have enough money to buy an ad in American Vogue, the movement will have been realized.

MB: and Utopia will be upon us!

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