By Rational Dress Society, October 15, 2015


“These Classes Let You Get Crafty in Ways You Never Thought Of,” by Jonathan Tolliver

The LA Weekly on the Rational Dress Society’s Make-your-own-JUMPSUIT workshop at Machine Project, 10.15.2015. Read the full article here:

Choosing a Halloween costume isn’t fun. Hand-wringing, poring over pop culture, picking something race-appropriate — only to be outdone by someone wearing a Netflix T-shirt and arriving with a bag of ice. Who has the time? Simple solution: Wear a non–gender-specific, multiuse jumpsuit. Then, when the holiday is over, keep wearing it. Maybe get an extra for laundry day. That’s the idea behind a workshop held last weekend at Mystery Theater. The cozy, Victorian-inspired basement in the bowels of Machine Project, an unassuming Echo Park storefront creative space on North Alvarado Street, also hosts off-kilter events and shows. In this class, students learned to sew a tailormade unisex jumpsuit to wear instead of their usual clothes…

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