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“Interview with The Rational Dress Society,” by Dan Bustillo JUMPSUIT Interviewed at, 6.30.2016. Read the full article here: DB:: Can you talk about how the project then functions within a Utopian model? I am specifically interested in the kill switch you have built into it, which is when you can finally afford your […]


“The Sales Pitch to Buy Less,” by Eliza Brooke JUMPSUIT in Racked, 6.30.2016. Read the full article here: The point isn’t really to get everyone in the world wearing Jumpsuit all the time. More than anything, it’s about asking consumers and brands to think outside the box — the box being a landscape dominated […]

RN Drive, ABC Australia

“Are jumpsuits the future?” by Patricia Karvelas ABC Australia interviews Abigail Glaum-Lathbury of the Rational Dress Society. Listen to the radio broadcast here: In the future, will we all be wearing the same thing, like the cast of Star Trek? Apparently so, according to an artist and a designer from the Rational Dress Society. […]

Feast of Fun

“When Fashion Kills,” a conversation about rational dress by Zach Stafford and Fausto Fernos. Listen to the podcast: The fashion industry hasn’t always had our best interests at heart- even back in the Victorian era, the Rational Dress Society was fighting against the ridiculous corsets women were forced to wear. Most recently, activists are bringing […]

The Guardian

“Tired of the tyranny of fashion? Wear a jumpsuit everyday,” by Zach Stafford JUMPSUIT in The Guardian, 6.2.2016. Read the full article here: Fast fashion stores have become the country’s other favorite obsession. Places like H&M and Forever21 continue to spring up everywhere, and only continue to rise in popularity. Like fast food restaurants, […]

LA Weekly

“These Classes Let You Get Crafty in Ways You Never Thought Of,” by Jonathan Tolliver The LA Weekly on the Rational Dress Society’s Make-your-own-JUMPSUIT workshop at Machine Project, 10.15.2015. Read the full article here: Choosing a Halloween costume isn’t fun. Hand-wringing, poring over pop culture, picking something race-appropriate — only to be outdone by someone […]

Notes on Looking The Rational Dress Society presents: JUMPSUIT, a manifesto We, the members of the Rational Dress Society, propose JUMPSUIT: a single, multi-use garment to replace all clothes in perpetuity. We suggest that the rejection of choice (otherwise defined as the yoke of relentless consumption within the capitalist paradigm) might open us up to new possibilities […]