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“This Brand Is Shredding Ivanka Trump Clothing And Turning It Into Fashion With A Cause” By Jenna Igneri “Basically, we’re hoping to call out Ivanka on all of the things the whole administration is saying but not doing,” says Glaum-Lathbury. “We’re just going to do all of the things they’re saying they’ll do, like bring back […]

The Cut, New York Magazine

  “How to Turn Your Ivanka Trump Clothing Into Something Pretty” By Sarah Spellings It’s a tough time for Ivanka Trump’s shift dresses. First, they’re mislabeled at a discount retailer, now they’re being collected and upcycled courtesy of the Rational Dress Society. The society addresses consumers as “comrade” and makes one piece of clothing: a unisex […]

Huffington Post

  “2 Women Are Turning Old Ivanka Trump Clothes Into Something You Can Feel Good About. Resist. Reuse. Recycle.” By Jamie Feldman   Citing the hypocrisy of Donald Trump’s “buy American, hire American” rhetoric ― both the president and his daughter source their products largely from China, where Ivanka Trump’s clothing manufacturer uses a factory that violated […]


  “Here’s One Way to Get Rid of That Unwanted Ivanka Trump Clothing. The resistance will be millennial pink.” By Eliza Brooke The Rational Dress Society, which is as much an activist group as it is a clothing line, is doing things a little differently. It’s beginning the long process of gathering unwanted Ivanka Trump […]


“Ivanka Trump’s clothing is being rounded up and turned into something she’d never wear. You can’t make this stuff up.” By Mary Anderson Make America Rational Again in Revelist. Read the full article here.  


This Rational Dress Society is pleased to present the informational pamphlet A Brief History of Spacesuits, an entry into a larger history of revolutionary and utopian dress and part of Mystic Hyperstitians in the Heart of Empire at MOCAM. Read more about the show and The Museum of Contemporary Art on the Moon at Hyperallergic. “If extolling the […]

American Craft Council

    “Cracking the Dress Code,” by Monica Moses JUMPSUIT in American Craft Council August/September Print Issue. Read the full article here For Glaum-Lathbury, the jumpsuit is both a personal experiment and a protest against the shoddily made, easily discarded clothing that dominates stores today. A creature of fashion, she wasn’t sure about wearing the same […]