What if you never had to pick out an outfit again?

What alliances might be formed between JUMPSUIT-wearing individuals?

Just as we reject the mini-mansion in favor of the city, refuse the automobile in favor of the train, JUMPSUIT offers a way to forego the insular logic of self-expression in favor of forming communal bonds.

We embrace our neighbors.

We reject the signs of class, race and gender that are inscribed onto our daily interactions.

In the future, we will be brothers and sisters together in JUMPSUITS.

Conceptual Parameters

JUMPSUIT is an ungendered, multi-use monogarment for everyday wear. It is disseminated in two forms: as a pre-made garment for purchase, and as an open-source pattern, available to download free of charge. The Rational Dress Society has developed a comprehensive new sizing system that can accommodate up to 248 different body types using gender-neutral terminology. Profits from JUMPSUIT will go into a fund to purchase a full page ad in American Vogue. The publication of the ad will mark the end of JUMPSUIT.

What is Counter-Fashion?

We, the members of the Rational Dress Society, have determined that histories of radical, revolutionary or utopian dress correspond to one of three types:

1. Anti-fashion, which suggests a continuous engagement with and rejection of prevailing tastes.
2. Folk costume, which is enmeshed in a particular community or geographical location.
3. Counter-fashion, which designates a particular sociopolitical context.

Counter-fashion occurs when members of a subculture, sharing the same political, social or other agenda, choose to dress in a political manner in order to symbolize their goals.

(Anat Helman, “Kibbutz Dress in the 1950s: Utopian Equality, Anti Fashion, and Change.” Fashion Theory, Vol. 12, Issue 3, September 2008. Page 316.)

Why Dress Reform Now?

The Tyranny of Choice.

Technical Specifications

The construction of JUMPSUIT adheres to the following standards: durability, functionality and practicality. The Fall/Winter JUMPSUIT features a long sleeve, and the Spring/Summer edition features a short sleeve. JUMPSUIT is made in a cotton twill. The fabric is woven in the United States. For increased range of movement through the arms and upper body, a raglan sleeve design was used. A standard convertible collar and front-fly closure with a heavy-duty zipper provides ease of use and a sensible style. Two diagonal-seamed pockets and two back-patch pockets allow for convenient storage. Both pocket types have been reinforced with additional stitching for augmented robustness. The use of reinforced tucks and pleats are engaged for comfort and range of motion. The flat-felled seam, the most durable of all modern seam finishes, has been used throughout the garment to reinforce points of wear and stress. Topstitching and other foundational strengths are utilized throughout the RDS monogarment. JUMPSUIT, is available in black and white.